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Ervin, Glenn

Well, today I ran home for lunch, and I set up my home computer with Windows 7 to connect to remote, to be controlled by another computer, and when I got back to the office, I tried with my main computer with Windows 7 to connect, and it could not.

So I tried with my little laptop that also has Windows 7, on the same work network, and it connected to my home computer, and I was able to control it and hear the work I was doing on it.

So I think that the problem is with my client’s NVDA, and that he should download and install a fresh copy of NVDA.

He might be able to do that part, but getting an add-on might be tricky, like the remote add-on.

I looked on-line for it, and I only found pages that explained how to use it, but no download links.

I can’t eMail it to him, because his eMail has problems, and that is why I am trying to remote in to his computer.

It would be nice if NVDA Remote came installed with NVDA.

His is a Windows 10, I don’t know if there is a cross-platform issue with the remote add-in.



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