Re: browsing with edge, and finding links that aren't links

Ron Canazzi

Hi Peter,

This is definitely an Edge issue.  Use Internet Explorer or Firefox.  I was able to locate all the links and activate them.  Firefox with NVDA identified them as clickable, but when you press enter on such clickable items in Firefox 47.02, they are activated.

On 5/20/2016 12:32 PM, Peter Beasley wrote:
That browser is not fully accessible. Use internet explorer or Mozilla firefox.

From: ken lawrence via 
Sent: Friday, May 20, 2016 4:16 PM
Subject: [nvda] browsing with edge, and finding links that aren't links

Hi listers ken here have a vexing problem.  on two local radio stations namely WOLD-lp, and WMGQ in NJ I can’t seem to find the listen live.  on WOLD the problem is simpler.  the listen live appears as a heading, but not as a link, clickable graphic or button just the words listen live.  this is the only way to listen to the station without tunein radio since they have change from a winamp based stream to a flash based popup player.  they have changed stream providors.  what must they do to make there stream appear as a link and not just the words listen live?  then on Magic 98.3 the problem is even stranger.  in order to listen to all greater-media owned stations you must register for their listener clubs.  in the case of magic 98.3 additionally you are only able to listen to them if you live in NJ, Pa area.  same with active rock station WDHA in dover NJ.  must assume the same condition is true with WRAT the jersey shore based rocker.  I have tried on three different browsers to log into the station and the listen live is nowhere.  no button, no links, no graphics.  there are listen links connected to interviews/features but not the stream.  didn’t try the word play but no play buttons exist then just now using the edge browser with NVDA clearly hit the letter f found the edit field, but when entered the stupid site thought Oh you searched for your email address, sorry no such thing.  so edge is obviously out since NVDA can’t seem to focus on the right edit field.  so my question is this, how do I advise the webmasters of both radio stations?  especially magic 98.3 since I’m technically a music club member?  the websites for both are for oldies 107.9 and for WMGQ.  perhaps someone with partial sight can advise on this one.  is it a fix on my end possibly?  

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