Re: Slightly off topic but doei anyone know of any accessible piano software or websites

Bhavya shah

I used something called Electronic Piano, though I have no idea of its
website or much of the program either. I had installed it and played
it just sometimes for fun. The major problem is fthat the musical note
is played after a noticeable delay after the corresponding key press.
Anyways, I am satisfied with my real-life guitar...
Just wondering, does Sweet Little Piano provide the ability to record
what is played? That would be something fun.

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Sweet Little Piano,

op 20-5-2016 om 16:31 schreef brandon:

Hello list,
This is just a quick question for you guys and if this is off topic I
apologize in advance.
But anyways does anyone know of any assessible programs or websites where I
can play the piano using the computer keyboard.
I am not looking for a program or a websites that needs you to use an
external piano keyboard.
Thank you all in advance.

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