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So is this the original or Josephs tweaked version. I assume the main reason for not putting up a tweak is that its actually an outside project. However if you can actually show efforts to contact the authors have been ongoing and nobody has come forward to fix it, and especially as it was crowd funded, I feel that the community would be justified in posting a fixed version on the main site, as if the writers then did sit up and take notice it can be proven that the effort was made and any person worthy enough to do such work, should have a moral conscious here and graciously allow others to take over if they have not got the time or the money to do it.
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Here is the direct download for NVDARemote.

On 6/27/2018 12:56 PM, Ervin, Glenn wrote:

Well, today I ran home for lunch, and I set up my home computer with
Windows 7 to connect to remote, to be controlled by another computer,
and when I got back to the office, I tried with my main computer with
Windows 7 to connect, and it could not.

So I tried with my little laptop that also has Windows 7, on the same
work network, and it connected to my home computer, and I was able to
control it and hear the work I was doing on it.

So I think that the problem is with my client’s NVDA, and that he
should download and install a fresh copy of NVDA.

He might be able to do that part, but getting an add-on might be
tricky, like the remote add-on.

I looked on-line for it, and I only found pages that explained how to
use it, but no download links.

I can’t eMail it to him, because his eMail has problems, and that is
why I am trying to remote in to his computer.

It would be nice if NVDA Remote came installed with NVDA.

His is a Windows 10, I don’t know if there is a cross-platform issue
with the remote add-in.


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