Re: How to make things worse by trying to fix stuff!

Tony Ballou


Oh my goodness!  I wish I had an answer of some sort for you, but this
one has me even scratching my head mate. I'll send this round to my
contacts in the tech world and see if they can find out some answers.


On 6/27/2018 2:54 PM, Brian's Mail list account via Groups.Io wrote:
Now as many here will know, I am not stupid, well debatable in some
quarters, but  lets move on.

The problem I have been having for some time now is that selected
dialogues in Dropbox no longer work in my windows 7 on any of the nvda
versions including the master and next snaps. They are just blank.
I posted this as an issue to github, and somebody running the same
windows 7 as me says his work fine on the same version of dropbox, so
where does this leave me? well something odd in at least two machines
I have access to that run dropbox.
I have no real idea of where to start, but Microsoft's troubleshooting
suggests sfc /scannow. So I did, and this is where my troubles started.
Firstly, Dropbox when the computer rebooted had decided to change its
language to maybe German, but maybe not. Since I cannot access the
dialogues, yes this made no difference in that regard at all, I then
wanted to send you folks this email. Guess what, my email software had
lost access to its passwords. So I thought. I know I'll roll back to
this morning. Bad move system restore complained it could not access a
file to go back, but then again it could not restore from the one it
claimed it could not do in the first place. Also for some reason the
radio button in the system restore dialogue was not being read, only
the one on the undo file. I had to use screen navigation to put it to
the right file to restore to. but that failed on running it.
So I reinstalled the email software over itself, and got the email
passwords back. Obviously sfc did not clock that something had
modified a system file in this way.
Now  I thought to myself, OK so the  application is in a foreign
language, lets go onto dropbox and see if I can find a way to fix it.
No such luck as when I log in as me, the whole web site goes into
German or whatever as well.
So I guess it will have to wait for a sighted person to be able to
change it back to English, as I suspect, uninstalling it, then re
installing it, given that I will need to allow it online will merely
put it back into German again!

So several hours of shall we say interesting language later, I'm still
stuck with non reading dialogues in dropbox and now its not even in
English and nor are the menus and the web site.
So is the language setting in dropbox a place where one might have
clicked accidentally if one cannot hear anything in the window?

if you got this far congratulations. It has eased my frustration if
nothing else.


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