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It will be interesting to see what happens over time.  Recently, I saw one or two articles from sighted reviewers, saying that Firefox is back and its redesign makes it competetive with Chrome again.  So those who don't use it now might want to try new versions over time to see if the accessibility problems, which are causing slowness, are resolved.  For sighted users, according to what I've read, Firefox is very fast now.

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One thing I can't stand with latest FF is that there is a lag when I type words as I fill in a search box or fill up a form.  Happens with both Jaws and NVDA.  Cheers!

On 29/6/2018 6:19 AM, David Moore wrote:

Wow, Guys!

I am using a little netbook, an HP Stream, and I only have a 2 Ghz processor, 2 gigs of ram, and I am using Chrome with the latest Windows 10, and Chrome


It takes a second to open, and 2 seconds to open a large page!

Maybe you should switch to Chrome.

With Firefox Quantum, It is as slow as a snail on a much more powerful laptop I have!

Just letting you know!

David Moore

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32   gigs of ram, 4 ghz graphics card and a6 ghz processer. Windows 10 64 bit and  the latest firefox quantum.


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> How much memory do you have in your system?  I'm running a 3.7ghz Core i3, total of 12MB available, and Windows 10 64.  Othre than a little lag when loading a page into Browse Mode, no new issues with V60 of Firefox.  One annoying issue I've always had with FF is some sites, such as require setting Page Styles to None in order for all links to be recognized by NVDA.  There may be workarounds for this, just not aware of them.  I still prefer the Fox over Edge or Internet Exploder.


> On 6/28/2018 3:18 PM, Sarah k Alawami wrote:

>> I have. And no I  do not run firefox on the mac. I can't. But yeah firefox is  snappy  on my win 10 64 bit machine.

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>>> How slow is it for you? You are running a Mac right? Have you ran on an actual PC 64 bit running WIN 10?

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>>> I'll sticke with FF Loving it over here. I go between that and chrome.


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>>>> Well like I said in my subject line I’ve had I

>>>> with firefox. Every site is slowith NVDa even the mobile FB site. I bit the bullet and downloaded Waterfox. Seems to work much better. May I’ll wait ti FF 70 and see how fast that will be. So long FF. Me and WF and Edge are good buddies.

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