Re: I've had it with Firefox


I don't think that concluding there's an interaction w/accessibility
technology in terms of FF's slowness is necessarily valid. My own
tendency is to feel that there may be something like vendorware (yall
know--the crap vendors load onto their machines) or malware (perhaps
vendorware & malware are 1 & the same)--might be responsible. In terms
of not running any addons, you should really check, because sometimes
Office, etc, installs addons you may not even be aware of unless you
go in & look. Mostly just thinkin out loud on a Friday, & that's
always dangerous for me.

On 6/29/18, Lino Morales <linomorales001@...> wrote:
So do I. For now its making browsing much faster. Of course I’ll continue to
use Edge for some things, but I’m so used to the FF layout.

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Hi, Lino,

I use waterfox and it works great for me. It's a bit faster than firefox and
I like that.


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Subject: [nvda] I've had it with Firefox

Well like I said in my subject line I’ve had I
with firefox. Every site is slowith NVDa even the mobile FB site. I bit the
bullet and downloaded Waterfox. Seems to work much better. May I’ll wait ti
FF 70 and see how fast that will be. So long FF. Me and WF and Edge are good

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