nvdaes add-ons updated #addonrelease

Noelia Ruiz

Hi, the following add-ons mantained by me (nvdaes), have been updated and are available on the community add-ons website, at:

They contain translations updates:

* Clip Contents Designer 8.1.
* emoticons 7.1. Thanks Chris as main author, Mesar and Francisco Javier.
* eMule 3.12. Thanks Chris and Alberto Buffolino as authors.
* placeMarkers 10.1. Thanks Chris, also as an author.
* readFeeds 4.4. Thanks Mesar as an author too.
* reportSymbols 4.1.

Thanks users, reviewers and translators for making these add-ons possible and contributing to improve them.
Please, for more details or to download these add-ons, go to the website, at

Repos of these add-ons are on GitHub at

I started to create issue templates for requesting features or reporting bugs, for now just in Emoticons.

For ease of reviews, as always, commits to add-ons maintained by Abdel, Robert and me are sent to the following mailing list:


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