Re: nvdaes add-ons updated #addonrelease

Noelia Ruiz

Hi, as I said, I'm not sure about possible drawbacks of implementing this in several add-ons. This could be relevant, so for now, while I'm not sure about possible concerns, I won't implement it.
NVDA has an open issue for this and I think this could better addressed there.


El 30/06/2018 a las 21:10, Brian Vogel escribió:
On Sat, Jun 30, 2018 at 08:30 am, Noelia Ruiz wrote:
It's in add-ons, not in NVDA itself.
That does, and should, matter to you as a developer (and, for the record, I once was one in a former life).
As far as the end-user is concerned, the locus of the detection of "new update available," is utterly irrelevant.  All I was trying to point out is that the mechanism is in use and has been in use for some time, and I imagine those using it would be willing to help out other add-on writers who wished to do the same.
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