Re: NVDA in safe mode

Don H

Strange is that I had this safe mode speech working with earlier versions of Win 10 and NVDA.

On 7/1/2018 8:05 AM, Gene wrote:
I don't recall if I ever saw anything definitive about this, but I've seen comments that this method only works with one brand of internal sound card.  It's a widely used brand, Realtech, but this may be the cause of the problem.  Does anyone know if it is definitely true about the limitation?
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getting no sound at all.
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> Do you get system sounds but no speech?
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>> I had already installed the .reg file to activate sound in safe mode.
>> I had also went to the boot part of msconfig and checked the two
>> options you indicated and after hitting the OK button restarted
>> windows and got into safe mode.  However after getting to the desktop
>> and hitting enter on the NVDA icon and trying to use the NVDA shortcut
>> key I got no speech.
>> Running latest Windows 10 and latest released version of NVDA.

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