Re: trying to uninstall the free youtube to mpp3 converter classic


Unfortunately, these sorts of programs are a particular favorite for
the malware writers. They tend to pray on folks who are looking for
just such software. Uninstalling may be the tip of the proverbial
iceberg. Revo uninstaller is pretty good at these sorts of things. A
program I use quite a bit to fix this sort of stuff is Farber Recovery
Scan Tool (FRST), available from:
Choose either the 32- or 64-bit version, as dictated by your program,
but, (& please read this next *very* carefully) the problem w/this
tool is that if you put into the fix list something that really should
be on your machine, you can render it inoperable. You have been fairly
warned. But it *will* get rid of it, along w/anything else you put in
the fix list. I would suggest that if you're at all unsure, you may
well want a computer professional to take a look.

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If that was not tried, I suspect that revo or other will have somewhat
burned the bridges here.
I allways look at the ad remove to see if its there, but sadly some apps
simply contain no uninstaller.

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You said you tried a third party uninstaller. You didn't say whether you
had tried the Windows uninstaller. Try it and see what happens if you

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Subject: [nvda] trying to uninstall the free youtube to mpp3 converter

Hi, everyone,

Can you recommend a good program for uninstalling the free youtube to
mp3 converter classic? I tried a program called special uninstaller but
that didn't help at all.

Thanks in advance.


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