Re: trying to uninstall the free youtube to mpp3 converter classic


Sadly I have had to not use dvdvideosoft because of all the extras it has even if you don't load them it can be a pain to get rid of.

Even though I have a comercial solution, I have been using youtube dl-g for ages now and its free and opensource and works.

I usually download the lowest audio I can get that being an m4a audio stream then convert to mp3 for playback.

The only way to get rid of this software is to reformat, that, the fact the addware kept changing and the fact they wanted subscription and with the terrible support I got eventually drove me away from using their software.

I used to use online converters but some of those went to.

I don't need to convert that many videos but when I do its mostly net streams and its easier to run archives from winamp as mp3 rather than videos online.

Its probably a lost cause trying to get rid of it the usual way, you have probably realised how bad it is and want to get rid of it.

Even if you do get rid of it the system will be still slightly mangled at least when I had it 3 years back it was.

I would do a full reformat and that will make it go away.

And I would use youtube dl-g which is a gui version of youtube, it works and I have been using it for the past year now.

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If that was not tried, I suspect that  revo or other will have somewhat burned the bridges here.
I allways look at the ad remove to see if its there, but sadly some apps simply contain no uninstaller.

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You said you tried a third party uninstaller.  You didn't say whether you had tried the Windows uninstaller.  Try it and see what happens if you didn't.

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Subject: [nvda] trying to uninstall the free youtube to mpp3 converter classic

Hi, everyone,

Can you recommend a good program for uninstalling the free youtube to
mp3 converter classic? I tried a program called special uninstaller but
that didn't help at all.

Thanks in advance.



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