Re: waterfox accessibility message


Nothing, I got this to, after I reset my options,  then set them how I wanted, I reinstalled all addons then did a sync from mozilla site, I had to download noscript and some stuff like audio capchas just don't work as well as a few other things without running in safe mode but yeah basically everything works.

Waterfox is starting to use the new quantom engine while maintaining the older codebase, its not a problem, at least I havn't found it much of one.

On 7/2/2018 9:55 AM, The Wolf wrote:
Hello I downloaded the latest waterfox from the waterfox website

when I installed it and launched it it brings up a message that accessibility has ben parshally disabled do to compatibility with screen readers

1 how do I get access to that message to work with it?

2. what do I choose on this perticular message?



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