Re: making the menus in libre office talk

Kevin Cussick

from memory, if you install lo without a screen reader running it will not be accessible. if you install with screen reader running it switches all the accessible stuff on things might have changed. this was a few years ago when the Ia2 stuff was being ported over.

On 30/06/2018 21:10, Chris Mullins wrote:
Odd that it's just the menus. Is this a situation where Java RTE and Access bridge are required to obtain access to the menus?
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Hi, everyone,
I have a friend who just got a refurvished computer from Computers for
the Blind in Texas. She said they installed libre office on it but she
can't make the menus talk. Other than that, she said she can work with
the writer word processer and the spread sheet with no problem. Is there
a way to make the menus talk?
Thanks for your help in advance.

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