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Maybe we need a simple to understand explanation, as much of this has grown over time and additional parameters have been added as needed to control stuff, but precious little detail seems to be around.
You really have no idea just how frequent and common this is as very few software projects put nearly the emphasis on documentation, both for their programming team and end users, that they should.

This issue is complicated by the fact that there exists a very strongly embedded culture among a very large swath of programmers that, "the code is self documenting," so comments are not used and that it's "a waste of my time" to work with technical writers to create the manuals for either future programmers or end users.  It's had a pernicious effect since day one.

Features, and their attendant data changes, get added of necessity or desire, but documentation surrounding same often never gets updated or created.  I've encountered this recently with regard to the Read-Only attribute on folders under Windows, which employs a 3-state checkbox [which should have been implemented as a radio button group, if you ask me], that is virtually undocumented.  I didn't think there was anything under the sun about Windows that I hadn't encountered at some point during my long career, but that was a new one on me.

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