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Kevin Cussick

well, after reading about this I think I agree with the devs. I am also pleased to see Nvda improving the way it is being updated. I would hope that most people who run master or the new beta are aware that things may not work as expected.

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Subject: [Nvda-devel] Changes to release process

Hi contributors,

We have made some small changes to the NVDA release process. Please read
the updated Release Process article carefully to understand the changes
and how they will affect you.

In short, Next/incubation is going away, and prs are going to be merged
straight to master. Periodic betas will be offered startin from 5 weeks
before a release.

Please read the entire article to understand the changes fully.

Translators should not be directly affected by this change. Though
technically, translations are now based on a new "beta" branch rather than


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Nvda-devel mailing list
Brian comments. I think this is actually going to affect people on this list
like myself who use the bleeding edge code as portable versions and master
as a daily working version.
I worry a little hear about a large number of untested by users items
arriving in the beta all at onceĀ  which might be a little scary if a lot of
people find issues. At the moment they hit next regularly and one can see
the wood for the trees so to speak.
If you have any comments, send them to Mick not me though, as I do not see
any kind of consultation with users on this one.
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