Re: Can one re register all dlls in the windows folders safely?

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OK none of the dialogues will read or have any content visible to nvda or jaws. In nvda the add on makes no difference. Unfortunately, log in share and preferences are the main ones I need to be able to interact with.

None of them work. There is a ticket for this in github, but I do not have the number at the moment, but people who have seen that say they have not been able to duplicate this with any version of dropbox from 47 to the current 52, and to be fair it used to work, a bit clunky at times but good enough.
I strongly suspect uninstalling something a few months ago has made the problem as it is, and as it affects this machine and another on I use in the recording studio for the talking newspaper, my finger is pointing toward Avastclear. That was some four months ago now.
My reasoning is this.
I have run sfc, which as I see it has made sure all the files are there. I had to reinstall email after this of course as I reported. I uninstalled completely dropbox, and re installed it and that did not fix it. That was when I ended up in Indonesian and unable to log in. Luckily sighted help fixed that on Tuesday, as obviously I had inadvertently move the language in the none reading prefs box, which proves it does actually work, just not read in screenreaders.
So here we are. The tool in nvda of course does not address this at all as its mostly aimed at html buffers etc, not these dialogue boxes.

It basically means at the moment that I cannot share a folder with other people, or log in if I need to do a reinstall of Dropbox as I did the other day.
Its still working fine. Its just not useable for anything other than basic things.
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Hi Brian

From what i have been looking up it is a messy process. there are
certain ones they refer to of which i think the tool fixes in NVDA.

Apart from that i see the reference to reinstalling windows. I guess it
depends how bad your copy of windows is before you go that far.

What again is drop box not doing?

I have the application drop box on the computer and when i go into it i
can see the different folders and the files with in the folder.

But am sure when i go to delete folders or files it used to give a
message. I am using the latest version of Windows 10 stable 1709 i think
it is along with nvda 2018.2.1

I can get to the message with object navigation though.

But there are new comers to nvda that would not even know how to use
object navigation .

But i can not remember before when you found a file it said the message
do you want to delete this file and send it to the rubbish bin. I notice
it only gives you the option to either click on yes or no but the
message is not read out. I thought it used to be?

If this is the case either some thing has become unchecked in NVDA to do
this or a bug has creeped in.

Gene nz

On 7/5/2018 7:39 AM, Brian's Mail list account via Groups.Io wrote:
I don't know how to do it, but I did hear a guy on a video doing it
but he seemed to have to back them all up first and unfortunately as
you can see here is not best for a blindy.

If it can be done safely, is there a tool for this I can use? Remember
I do not want to change any, I've already run sfc /scannow and had to
reinstall the email software afterwards. I'm assuming this does not
check if the dlls are registered.
The whole idea is of course to attempt to get nvda to see the dropbox
dialogues. I'm running out of options here and yes I have run the
file register utility in nvda with no sign of any improvements.
If I can do this safely, and that does not cure the issue, I'm open to
suggestions except installing windows 10 on this machine. I have
reasons for not doing it which are too complex to explain.
Thanks I await the experts to inform me what to do. I could not find
much on Microsoft's site, maybe I'm looking for the wrong thing!

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