Re: Can one re register all dlls in the windows folders safely?

Gene New Zealand <hurrikennyandopo@...>

The extra sounds i was getting before is not happening now. I am not
getting it on any of the versions must be one of those times when
windows maybe has a burk.

Gene nz

On 7/5/2018 9:04 PM, Gene New Zealand wrote:
Hi Brian

As mentioned before i have drop box on my computer as a app.

if i go down to the notification area where the drop box icon is and
then press the space bar on it a context menu will come up. It will read
all the items as i arrow down it.

if i then go into preferences i can tab around. I did notice though the
tabs are not spoken out.

There is a check box called like start drop box on system start up. this
will be spoken but if you shift/tab back up once you will not hear any
thing.. But this will put you on a tab called general. you can then use
the right or left arrow keys to navigate the tabs and they will be
spoken. This is with the latest version of drop box  and nvda 2018.2.1

There is no add on that i am using for drop box..

But when you tab into the different sections these will be spoken but
the only way you know you are back on a tab is when you shift/tab a few
times and nothing is spoken. It seems to do it on all the sections there.

But when you hear nothing you are on the tab then you can use the right
or left arrow keys then tab key to go through each section.

if you go into the drop box app the ribbens are spoken etc plus
folders/files in drop box.

I have not tried the web version as this app is quite accessible.

Is the above with the tabs what you are talking about  under the
preferences section in the notification area?

Also under program files x86 nvda will speak all folders/files that are
part of drop box as well.

Gene nz

On 7/5/2018 8:22 PM, Brian's Mail list account via Groups.Io wrote:
The sounds have not actually changed, but of course if you played with
them, then some may well be still there.
I have only the old ones.
Yes that message about delete from just this device etc, is sometimes
irritating but its not the whole story. The question is, can you use
the prefs and share on the context menu of explorer?
Prefs from the icon  and share from the  application menu in explorer.
You are using windows 10, but I am on 7. However I have had messages
from 7 users off list saying they cannot see any issues with these
dialogues, and of course log in used to work as it could no have been
originally installed and set up without it.
Also after the log in with sighted help on Tuesday, there appears to
be a rudimentary browser launched. this does not read one supposes due
to it not being seen as a system that virtual buffers are created for.
I seem to remember this was always a problem in Dropbox, so its all
very odd.
Dropbox got back to me saying nothing has been changed in the
dialogues, so it must be my end.
All roads seem to lead back to Windows.
I am not reinstalling windows though. That is silly.

There is a video on line on youtube where the guy explains how to
reregister all dll files but since he is using video there is a heck
of a lot of like this and you need to type in exactly what you see on
the screen here, including the funny arrow thing. Not a great deal of

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Hi Brian

With a restart of the master snap shot now it reads that message. but
before it did not..

But i am wondering when you get the message that comes up for user
statistics it seems like if it crashes there you get some weird results
after that.

if it does not have a little crash then NVDA works aalright after that.

When i did a update to the next snapshot it was alright.

Weird one.

Another thing i just notice just then is when i start up the master snap
shot i am getting the old nvda sounds and seems like new ones just after
it i think it is the same when i shut it down.

Gene nz

 7/5/2018 7:39 AM, Brian's Mail list account via Groups.Io wrote:
I don't know how to do it, but I did hear a guy on a video doing it
but he seemed to have to back them all up first and unfortunately as
you can see here is not best for a blindy.

If it can be done safely, is there a tool for this I can use? Remember
I do not want to change any, I've already run sfc /scannow and had to
reinstall the email software afterwards. I'm assuming this does not
check if the dlls are registered.
The whole idea is of course to attempt to get nvda to see the dropbox
dialogues. I'm running out of options here and yes I have run the
file register utility in nvda with no sign of any improvements.
If I can do this safely, and that does not cure the issue, I'm open to
suggestions except installing windows 10 on this machine. I have
reasons for not doing it which are too complex to explain.
Thanks I await the experts to inform me what to do. I could not find
much on Microsoft's site, maybe I'm looking for the wrong thing!

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