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Someone also told me about this, and the log fragment indicates failed hash check.

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The only issues I have had is that it seems that auto updates, although apparently downloading, do not work or install, ie, If I download them from the page and run them, I can update the target version manually in the old way, but the auto updater fails to run the snaps downloaded and says download failed At least this has happened with master to beta , and I have left it and used the downloaded manually build as a portable version. I suspect something in the existing master build might well be seeing the new name as an error. If this is the case the only work around might be to ask people to manually download the first time.
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Hi Joseph!
Thanks a lot.
I like using the latest code possible, so I will use the alpha snapshots. I
will make comments on how everything is working in that snapshot.
David Moore
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Subject: [nvda] FW: [Nvda-devel] Changes to release process

Please read Mick's follow-up post below. Thanks.

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Hi all,

The Release process article has been updated again based on user feedback.

The most important parts are in the Changes for Testers:

* The next branch and next snapshots will no longer exist. Anyone currently
on a next snapshot will be automatically updated to new "alpha" snapshots.
Alpha snapshots are created directly from Master each time it changes (I.e.
when a pull request is merged). As the name suggests, these snapshots are
alpha quality. And although automated tests pass, these builds have had no
user testing.
* Anyone currently on master snapshots will be upgraded to the first
available tagged beta for the current release. Beta builds, as the name
implies, are beta quality and have had some testing by users. Note that as
new betas are made available you will keep automatically upgrading, and then
also upgrade to the final stable release. To get back to beta testing for
the next release you will need to manually download a new beta for that
* The snapshots page at
now lists both alpha snapshots and all beta releases.

Everything is now in place and snapshots should now start asking to upgrade
to their respective new version types.

Please note: as the new Alpha snapshots are based on current master, not
all previously incubating PRs are yet included. E.g. wxPython4 is not
yet in the alpha snapshots. These previously incubating PRs will be
merged within the near future when we are sure the infrastructure is


On 4/07/2018 6:28 PM, Mick Curran wrote:
Hi Brian,

I appreciate your constructive feedback. We will certainly think about
your proposal and see what we can manage.

Although we have published the new process, we have not yet removed
any branches or switched anyone over, so we can still make some
changes before committing to this fully.

The reasons for sticking with the name master for the default
development branch are:

1. We don't want to break existing pull requests which are currently
open against master. There are more than 40 or so.

2. We don't want new contributors submitting pull requests against an
old (defunct) version of master (if we do move).

3. master is the generally accepted name for the default branch of git
repositories for most projects on github.

There may be another way to solve this specifically for snapshots.
I'll have to research this further.

We will wait for more feedback and think on this more.



On 4/07/2018 4:59 PM, Brians old account via Nvda-devel wrote:
While I can see the reasoning for this change. I do think that a
number of us are going to have to do the following. When the Next
becomes master, we are going to have a period when the new beta
branch does not exist, Now taking my own case as a for instance. I
currently use master as my working version though I of course do have
a portable of the latest stable version, That will mean if I do
nothing result in effectively my master becoming next, which means my
normal copy is now bleeding edge code. I may have to wait till the
new beta is created for the ability to change this around, and make
next master and master beta. Would it not be more sensible to just
remove master, and use next as you propose master is to be, then
create a new beta when applicable?
That way folk used to using master as pretty stable will not be
affected. They will stay on master, then when a new beta comes out
they will be migrated to this for their working versions.
if you want users to participate, as I think is a good thing, in my
view the proposal I outline above will carry more people with you.
also please remember to formerly tell people on the user list about
what you are doing so you do not suddenly find a lot of folk with
I do realise that there are now a lot more checks done
automatically, but in the end its the user that will be running the
code more than anyone else, and feedback from that cohort of people
is worth its weight in gold. we all know that many programmers are
the worst testers as they are predictable. its the newbie and the
less confident user who finds the bugs.
So what do you think?

Brian Gaff's other account.

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Subject: [Nvda-devel] Changes to release process

Hi contributors,

We have made some small changes to the NVDA release process. Please
read the updated Release Process article carefully to understand the
changes and how they will affect you.

In short, Next/incubation is going away, and prs are going to be
merged straight to master. Periodic betas will be offered startin
from 5 weeks before a release.

Please read the entire article to understand the changes fully.

Translators should not be directly affected by this change. Though
technically, translations are now based on a new "beta" branch
rather than master.


Mick Curran
Executive Director, NV Access Limited
PH: +61 7 3149 3306 ext. 101
Twitter: @NVAccess


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Check out the vibrant tech community on one of the world's most
engaging tech sites,!
Nvda-devel mailing list
Mick Curran
Executive Director, NV Access Limited
PH: +61 7 3149 3306 ext. 101
Twitter: @NVAccess

Check out the vibrant tech community on one of the world's most
engaging tech sites,!
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