Re: A plea to NVDA developers

Chris Mullins

Hi Christo
I am not a developer but a regular user and don't get such behaviour when using NVDA. The only thing I can think you are alluding to is the Welcome dialog box, which contains a check box entitled "Show Welcome Dialog At Start up", or something similar, which you should uncheck. I think the setting for this is stored in the NVDA.Ini file.


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Subject: [nvda] A plea to NVDA developers

Hello to NVDA developers on the list

I understand the need to get a user's permission to collect usage data,
but popping up that dialog at every start-up of NVDA is totally over the
top. Please please please don't do that. Please include a "Don't ask me
again" checkbox in the dialog and retain the option in General settings.
This is not something on which one would regularly change one's mind. It
is really annoying and irritating to have this dialog pop up with every
start-up. If you feel it is necessary, pop it up during installation and
during an update or provide the option not to be asked again.

Kind regards


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