Re: Question regarding NVDA and speaking message columns in Outlook

Monte Single

I am using nvda with outlook 2013 and I used it at work with  outlook 2016.

I have the preview pane turned off, as well as calander and contacts; that is, they are not deisplayed on the screen.

So  I have the folders list on the left and the message  list on the right.

When I arrow throught the message list, I hear the senders name, the subject, date and time.

If I move quickly through the list, I will not hear all this info for each message.

Also I have  incoming mail grouped by subject.

Works fairly well.

I had some sighted  help to set this up but it  didn’t take long.

I’m confident there is someone on this list  who can help you do this.




From: [] On Behalf Of Cristóbal
Sent: July-06-18 5:59 PM
Subject: [nvda] Question regarding NVDA and speaking message columns in Outlook


Hello list,

So I’m  mainly a Jaws user, but from time to time try to play around with NVDA or use it to get out of a pinch. When I’m in Outlook 2016 and arrowing among the list of emails in a particular folder, NVDA reads all sorts of columns like  no associated draft, group by, date, etc. In Jaws I have as much extraneous info like this silenced, but don’t know where or how this could be done with NVDA. I don’t need all this extra stuff spoke every single time I arrow up or down my emails.

Any help would be appreciated.



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