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At what point in the process do you see this?

Ie does it download then not run, or if doing it manually does it say that when you run it from the downloaded program list?
I know that some browsers refuse to download files which keep on changing their names and you have to find the preference for do not download unusual programs , though the wording differs, it seems that browser makers are trying to protect people against themselves. I turned this off in both Firefox and Waterfox as I was seeing an incomplete download or when I tried to run it some odd message like yours popped up perhaps in that case from the anti virus hand holding child routines. :-)

If downloaded by nvda itself none of that used to accord, but as has been said master to beta seems to fail at the moment, perhaps due to the name change. I'll tell you what though. if you use the auto downloader in nvda and download it, and after the download failed error you open a run box and do %temp% and look for the exe file with the newest time stamp, you can run the download and it works. It is not called the file name you expect indeed if you download it several times it gets a new name each time, but its the same file.

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I get this message when trying to download NVDA 2018.3 beta 1. How do I download this? Thanks.

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