Re: new member with tons of question on NVDA.

Monte Single

Hi Jim,


The ugly voice is e speak.

To get a new voice;


Open the nvda menu with insert+n,

Arrow down to preferences submenu,

Choose synthesyzer,

You will find a sapi  choice ther,, choose it with eenter,

Open preferences again,

Now arrow down to voices,

Chose a   voice you  like,  hit enter,

Open  nvda  menus again  and  choose save changes on exit.


This should work, if it does not, I know there are  people on this list who will help further.


Just about all the basic commands for working  with menus, docs and reading and avigating text are the same as jaws.


You will not be disappointed.!!




From: [] On Behalf Of Jim Rawls
Sent: July-08-18 5:01 PM
Subject: [nvda] new member with tons of question on NVDA.


Hi all,

I tried downloading NVDA once a couple years ago, and couldn’t stand that double ugly voice that came out of my computer when I tried to do what I was supposed to do to get things going. So, first question. What’s the easiest way to download the latest version of NVDA? Second. How do I learn the commands to make it work? And finally how do I get rid  of that terrible voice and get one I can understand and tolerate? I am running windows ten, and jaws 2018. Jim

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