Re: new member with tons of question on NVDA.

Josh Kennedy

there is another way to get NvDA up and running quickly, especially on a new system where you just want to get your favorite stuff going without hastle... You can get the latest NVDA along with other stuff you may want by making a custom installer and running it. And you can do this very easily by going to   ... Usually when I get a new computer to get stuff up and going quickly I just head over to ... I use the checkboxes and the make ninite installer link then i run the tiny ninite installer, and the ninite installer heads out and grabs everything i requested. and then it installs it all for me, i don't have to go through installer wizards or anything like that. i just sit back and wait for ninite to do its stuff. i can tell when it's installing NVDA because I hear the NVDA sounds. Then when its done if i remember right it starts NVDA up for me. It's a nice quick accessible way to grab your favorite stuff and have it installed all in one go. 

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