Re: new member with tons of question on NVDA.


I don't see george listed

On 7/9/2018 8:21 AM, Tyler Spivey wrote:
Try adjusting the rate in Settings, Time & Language, Speech.
On 7/9/2018 8:16 AM, Peter Beasley wrote:
I use George which is one of the one core voices. My only complaint is
that I wish it could go a bit faster. I am running it at 100 which is
the maximum.

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*Roger Stewart
*Sent:* 09 July 2018 15:12
*Subject:* Re: [nvda] new member with tons of question on NVDA.

Since you are using Win 10, you won't get that ugly voice!  It will
default to a Windows One Core voice  and these are very understandable.
Only thing is they can't be sped up very much as most all the more
natural sounding voices just fall apart and become like jibberish and
not understandable if you speed them up very much.  But you'll like the
One Core voice very much better than the eSpeak.  At least, that's true
for myself anyhow.


On 7/8/2018 6:01 PM, Jim Rawls wrote:

Hi all,

I tried downloading NVDA once a couple years ago, and couldn’t stand
that double ugly voice that came out of my computer when I tried to
do what I was supposed to do to get things going. So, first
question. What’s the easiest way to download the latest version of
NVDA? Second. How do I learn the commands to make it work? And
finally how do I get rid  of that terrible voice and get one I can
understand and tolerate? I am running windows ten, and jaws 2018. Jim

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