Re: Working with Macros in Excel Spreadsheets?

Clement Chou

You're going to have to explain a bit more than that... because I have
no idea what that is. lol. This same document is perfectly accesible
in excel when using JAWS, however. I just wanted to see if anyone knew
what the issue was and if there was a way to do it with NVDA.

On 7/8/18, Craig <> wrote:

Without looking at your example I would use a vlookup formula


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Hi all. Just trying to figure something out... in a workbook I'm reading for
a menu guide for an audio device, there are combo boxes to select the
different menus which I want to be displayed as tables.
However when I make my selections, even though the combo boxes are
accurately reflecting my changes, the tables don't switch and stay at
defaults. Is there something I am missing? Or is there another program I can
use to accomplish other than excel 2016? The document is below just for
reference in case someone wants to see what I mean. Thanks!

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