Re: Working with Macros in Excel Spreadsheets?

Jim Homme

To open combo boxes, you need to use Alt + Down Arrow. On my computer, once I hit Enter to make a selection, NVDA stops talking. The easiest way to get it to behave properly is to maximize the sheet. This happens for me after every use of an Excel dropdown. It has happened for a very long time.


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Hi all. Just trying to figure something out... in a workbook I'm reading for a menu guide for an audio device, there are combo boxes to select the different menus which I want to be displayed as tables.
However when I make my selections, even though the combo boxes are accurately reflecting my changes, the tables don't switch and stay at defaults. Is there something I am missing? Or is there another program I can use to accomplish other than excel 2016? The document is below just for reference in case someone wants to see what I mean. Thanks!

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