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Sadly I never did get any come back from them about a year ago, and since they are increasingly being sneaky and trying to install it via ccleaner I am not liking their attitude very much.

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I'm not hopeful you'll get anywhere, but if Avast isn't sufficiently accessible to let you conduct the scan you want, you might tell that to the company and ask if they will give you a more useable version of the program as a blind person. I knew there was a way to scan using Avast from the command line. But when I checked now, I found it was only available in the pro or paid for version. That means that their paid for version may be accessible enough for you to use while the free version isn't. Whether they will provide you with a version you can use is anybodies guess. But in an environment of ever-decreasing numbers of accessible antivirus programs, you might want to find out.

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From: The Wolf
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Subject: [nvda] antivirus?

Hello besides windows defender any one recommend a antivirus that works
well with nvda?

I am testing avast and the only thing that I can select to scan is a
smart scan

I can't select any of the other parts to scan pc for viruses just the
smart scan



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