Re: windows app essentials 16.03


hi joseph

1. i use three fingered tap to bring up cortan interface
2. i then tab to microphone button
3. i then press enter
4. i then speak

it does seem then spews out garbage most of which is gibberish, whether its trying to repeat what i said or something else i dont know

otherwise cortana works ok

hope that helps


p.s. 16.02 worked fine, i did not get the problem then


On 29/02/2016 15:59, Joseph Lee wrote:
Hi Chris,
Okay, which Cortana mode (text or voice) are you using? If using voice, you should use Windows+C shortcut. Can yu tel me steps to reproduce this problem so I can try coming up with a fix?
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i recently updated the windows ten app essentials nvda add-on to v16.03 and since then cortana feeds back which i can only explain as gobble-de-gook she can here me but nva constanly feeds back theis garbled sounds

Ive to uninstall the addon as its tooo annoying otherwise, if anyone has a solution or an older version of windows ten app essentials they can send me i would be very grateful

many thnaks


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