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Lino Morales

Aloha miss Jolene. We are more than happy to help. I've been using NVDA full time since 2011. If you need help ask.

On 5/21/2016 10:46 PM, Jolene Cardenas wrote:
Hello everyone,

I just joined this group a week or so ago, and I'm visually-impaired
and from Honolulu, Hawaii.
More importantly, I had started using NVDA during the summer of 2015
and to this day I find that I like it far better than JAWS, the latter
which I had used since the late 90's. In february of this year, I got
a new Asus laptop that has Windows 10 Home as its operating system.

The main reason why I had joined this group is to be in touch with
other users of NVDA with Windows 10, because I had used Windows 7
Professional before I had to teach myself how to use Windows 10. It's
still a struggle for me, so I could sure use some feedback!

Take care, and have a good day.



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