Re: NVDA and Focus40 or other Braille displays

Moty Azrad


Tell your friend that he/she, has to install the correct driver for FOCUS40, after the installation the Focus Braille display can appear in the list of the Braille displays. Then, to choose it and go on.
I've some friends here that work with NVDA and FOCUS40 and it works fine for them.

Good luck


Moti Azrad
Musician and Piano Tuner

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I'm sorry if this has been discussed before and I'm rehashing it, but a
friend of mine was curious if NVDA worked with the Focus40? Does it
bring up a list of displays to choose from and how well does it work
with Braille displays if anyone here has this knowledge, I'd really
appreciate info for my friend? Thanks and again, sorry for bringing this
up again.

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