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Quentin Christensen

When you say you can't access the PDF properly, is Adobe Reader reading any of the text?  If you need to use Abbyy to convert it to readable text, then there likely isn't a way of converting to a Word document and keeping the footnotes.

If you need it for school and are finding you have to use Abbyy to make it readable, I would advise trying to convince the school to give you a more accessible format to begin with.   Otherwise, they will assume it works fine and keep sending you the same format.  Note that PDF can be perfectly accessible, so I first ensure you have the latest version of Adobe Reader just in case.

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On Thu, Jul 12, 2018 at 7:36 AM, Sociohack AC <acsociopath@...> wrote:
Sorry for spamming guys! I'm new to assisting technology.
Is there a way to convert a PDF to word and keep all the footnotes intact? In such a way that they can be accessed with alt plus S, H, command. 
Need to work on a book for school project but can't access the PDF properly. And when I convert it to word in Abby fine reader, footnotes become the part of the flow text. This makes them hard to identify with NVDA. 
Hoping someone can help


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