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Yes this seems to happen with other programs on windows 10. Usually after a major update. That is one of the frustrations I had with 10, and is why my working copy of windows is still Windoze 7.
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hi, i'm afraid you have had the same problem as I have had.
I'm using windows 10 64 bit and skype the last version.
but when someone cals me, skype keeps ringing also when I've already answered the call.

when I hang up, skype keeps ringing!!!
the only way to stop it is in the taskmanager or reboot my computer!
what to do to solve this problem:
1 now you have installed an older version.
when you try to log in, skype geves you the message can not connect.
what to do,
go in skype in the menu, by pressing alt.
go to help
and there search for look for new version or such.
download and install that new version.
be carefull, there are checkboxes you have to uncheck, else there is a change in all of your using browsers, your homepage will be changed etc.
so it's better to uncheck that checkboxes.
with the new version, you can log in as usual.
when you've done, close skype.
now take your older version of skype.
now you install that older version, without remove the new version!!!!!
the skype installer tells you that the version you ar installing an older version is.
continu anyway?
it is yes.
remember, leave that older version somewhere in the download folder.
you will definitely need that in the future, I explain why.
skype will now start and log in normally!
and now with the older version that has nothing to do with.
you have to save the installation file, because it can go well for months but then suddenly, he can no longer log in.
then do the same trick again.
then it works again.

hope this helps
paul otter

Op 11-7-2018 om 20:34 schreef Marco Oros:

I have tried to return back to previous Skype version, which is accessible, but I can't log in to My Skype. Please, could You help Me?
Thank You.
Marco Oros

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