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See my reply. Scanned are generally just pictures, so obviously an ocr is the only way to go. However if you have contact with the document supplier and they do not understand how to make pdfs accessible and how to make comments editable etc, it might be easier for them to simply send you the original docx files that they made them with instead, or they will need to be using the paid for pdf Adobe suite of software to make them accessible. They could be using any old third party tool or word itself to make them and hence it would be fare easier to send them as word in the first place. From experience the only reason they site for using pdf is that they do not want people changing content, but in the case of a blind user, if they cannot create an accessible pdf, the use of word would seem to be a logical adjustment to make.
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Hello Quentin!

Pardon my ignorance, but I don't to how to navigate PDFs with NVDA. I have
always converted them in word. But, now I get material in which footnotes
are very important. Can I navigate them in the PDF itself? Can you give me
a link on navigating PDF with NVDA? I need the ability to -
1. Add, read and edit comments.
2. Highlight text and navigate highlighted text as you suggested for word in my previous question.
3. Navigating footnotes by jumping to the footnotes from the respective reference number.
4. Other basic commands like - reading para by para and skim read feature

Basicàly, I need an efficient way of reading footnotes, as you can do in word. But, I only receive PDFs and as you said converting them to word won't help.
Sometimes I also receive scanned books in PDF. Can footnotes in them would be read as well?
Could daisy be a solution?
Sorry, for the lengthy post, but this is important.

Thanks for your time!

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