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JM Casey <crystallogic@...>

Pictures do not look so great on it. It’s optimised for mobile use, as the name implies. If you send him a link, next time just replace the “m” with “www” in the url.




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Funny though, I always use the mobile site too, and it works well, and I sent a link to my sighted brother to have him look at the picture to see if this was our cousin, and he said the link I sent him gave him a page that was messed up on his computer.  He said it was a page for a person with that name, but he could not make sense of it.


So maybe the mobile site is not good for people not using a screenreader.


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Hi guys!

The mobile site of Facebook,

works the very best in IE 11

That is the only site I use in IE LOL! I like it better than Firefox, Even.

I have tried using Chrome and Edge for using the mobile site, and it is a lot different.

It is tricky LOL!

Have a great one, guys!

David Moore

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Hi, I know exactly what you mean, for that reason I use Firefox, it actually works. 

Warm regards, Claire Potter, Check out my brand new website:

On 12/07/2018 20:23, Davy Cuppens wrote:

Hi folks

I am making my first steps with chrome.

I find that sometimes buttons and elements are not clickable in and that the tab key is not always responding normally.

F.e. if you click on a friend and wants him or her to be defriended, you can’t find that item or click the friend or follow button. I have already changed some settings like adding some accessibility tools to read webpages with the arrow keys and disabled the hardware accelerators which often is advised when working with screenreaders.





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