Re: New Member (5)

Jolene Cardenas

Hello once more,

Thank you for your responses, for I enjoyed reading them a lot!

Further specs: My Web browser is the latest version of Firefox (even
though a sighted friend told me that Google Chrome was better), my
default media player is Windows Media Player 12 (not The Groove Music
from Windows 10), and Gmail is the only e-mail source I use. Since
Windows 10 doesn't come with the Sound Recorder program like how
previous versions of Windows does, I'm missing it a lot because I use
it for Podcasting and other projects. Can any Windows 10 user
recommend any sound-recording program that would work well with it +
NVDA? I'd appreciate your feedback so much.

Just FYI: I have no usable vision in both eyes to read large print so
I'm totally dependent on NVDA to do all my reading out loud for me.

Take care, and have a good day.



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