Introducing Windows 10 Technologies Preview (NVDA try build) version 1807


Hi all,


I’m delighted to announce the availability of Windows 10 Technologies Preview version 1807. This NVDA try build includes latest technologies from Windows 10, as well as needed pull requests for various Windows 10 features.


Background: with changes to release process from NV Access announced in July 2018, next branch is no more. This branch included several pull requests on Windows 10 features, including emoji panel support, Edge improvements and others.


To bring some of these features back for public testing, and to prove that NVDA community does care about Windows 10 development, I’ll release Windows 10 Technologies Preview on a regular basis. These previews are designed to gather early feedback on NVDA’s compatibility with various Windows 10 features and apps, as well as serving as a testbed for incorporating features from Windows 10 App Essentials add-on into NVDA core itself. As such, these try builds are based on master branch with several pull request branches added (by the way, this is more of a resurrection, as I did a similar thing back in 2016 when I released try builds compatible with Windows 10 Version 1607/Anniversary Update).


As of Version 1807 (build 15530), the following features are ready for feedback:


  • Latest alpha build features.
  • Built-in support for modern keyboard, including emoji panel, hardware keyboard input suggestions, cloud clipboard paste, and dictation (Windows+H).
  • Announcing XAML tool tips.
  • In Microsoft Edge, NVDA recognizes aria-roledescription and aria-role=alert, as well announcing notifications such as reading view availability and page load progress.
  • Detecting and announcing dialogs using UIA IsDialog property found in Redstone 5 builds.
  • Detection of IUIAutomation6 interface.


Try build link:


IMPORTANT: this is NOT a try build from NV Access. You are welcome to install it, but it may not support update checks (I recommend using this build as a portable copy).


If you have any feedback regarding this build (suggestions, bug reports, questions, comments, concerns and what not), please email me privately.





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