Re: so problem solved

Chris Mullins

You may have turned off NVDA speech but it’s still the program you are interacting with.  Your backspace and arrow keystrokes are not being spoken because they are not going through to Jaws unless you precede every keystroke with Insert f2.





From: Zoe Fiogkos [mailto:fiogkos@...]
Sent: 07 March 2016 18:59
Subject: [nvda] so problem solved


Hey everyone, so the solution was using theNVDA pass through command did the trick.

So I turned on jaws , then I clicked insert spacebar s to turn jaws speech off. Then I started NVDA using control alt n , then I clicked insert s to turn speech mode off, then I clicked insert f2 like rose suggested and then it let me press insert spacebar s to turn speech back on in jaws.  Of course another problem arose wich is when jaws comes back on it no longer announces letters when I backspace to erase things, and it no longer reads when I arrow up and down, hmmmmm

Any ideas now?

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