nvda + firefox has bug about donamically combo box?


hi all:

I think I found a bug in the Firefox browser that NVDA actually does.
In a web page, changing the value of the combo box also dynamically changes the value of the subsequent edit area.
In this case, we all use the brows mode and set to manually switch between focus mode and browse mode.
Using the results of the nvda + firefox test, when you first change the combo box from "personal" to "company",
you can get the latest title when using the tab key to the editing area, which is the "company name" and "company pc.
But when we change the value of the combo box from the "company" to the "personal" again,
we use the tab again to move to the editing area. The title we hear is still the company name and the company pc.
Both the changed innerHTML and innerText properties have the same status.
But using nvda with other browsers like google chrome or internet explorer or even edge can hear the correct title in any situation.
I provide a web page of my own design for everyone to test and see. I found the results of the three computers are the same.
This has nothing to do with the NVDA or Firefox version, because I have tested several combinations and the results are the same.
Has anyone found this interesting question?



thank you for much
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