pauses after punctuation and sentence end in different speech synthesizers

Akshaya Choudhary

I have observed, Espeak and Eloquence provide a very brief pause after punctuation and sentence break, when compared to other synthesizers. Even the pause after pressing command keys is shorter. For example, while navigating a simple list menu with arrow keys, NVDA would say, DOWN ARROW, then it would speak the next item after a very brief pause. Although, I find this very useful for navigating around different applications, but for serious study of a document, it is annoying. For this purpose i prefer to use SAPI 5.
-- While reading  large documents it is helpful to have slightly longer pauses, it helps you understand the text better, which is exactly the role of punctuation. Especially while reading literary works.
Is there a feature in NVDA which could let us control the duration of the pause,  like we can do with speed and pitch?


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