Re: chrome not that accessible in

Simone Dal Maso

if you want that works for example like in Firefox, you should install an extension in Chrome that change your user agent.
In fact the mobile version of Chrome is different from the mobile version of Firefox.
I solved in this manner and now it works well!

Il 12/07/2018 21:33, Davy Cuppens ha scritto:
Mmm I find that this is not a nvda problem, it is not accessible as well with jfw18.
*From:* Davy Cuppens <>
*Sent:* Thursday, July 12, 2018 9:23 PM
*To:* <>
*Subject:* [nvda] chrome not that accessible in
Hi folks
I am making my first steps with chrome.
I find that sometimes buttons and elements are not clickable in and that the tab key is not always responding normally.
F.e. if you click on a friend and wants him or her to be defriended, you can’t find that item or click the friend or follow button. I have already changed some settings like adding some accessibility tools to read webpages with the arrow keys and disabled the hardware accelerators which often is advised when working with screenreaders.

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