Re: difficulty with a certain website (yes, it's one o' those)


Here is more information and its important.
I just checked the site using Firefox and it appears the buttons aren't seen by Firefox.  I am using the older 52.x ESR version so I don't know if quantum sees the buttons.  I had previously checked with Chrome and I saw the buttons. 
So everything I said in my last message is important to keep in mind on unfamiliar pages but also, it is very important to have more than one browser available and to check sites with more than one if the site isn't useable with the one being used.  At times, the difference is dramatic.

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Did you follow the link to the page for the specific product?  Once there, how did you look at the page?  There are buttons on the page that say things like purchase CD.  It appears you didn't see them.  Did you use the links list, that limits the structures you are looking for to one structure?  Did you only move by link through the page by using a move to next link command?  Don't limit what you look for by structure on an unfamiliar page.  If you are taking a short cut to save time, use something that stops on almost every structure.  Tab Does.  But I don't think tab stops on clickable items that aren't links so even using tab, you may miss the structure.  If you don't see it, then do it the hard way.  Read or skim each line of the page below the navigation links at the top until you get to the navigation links, if any, at the bottom. 
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Subject: [nvda] difficulty with a certain website (yes, it's one o' those)

Hello everyone.


I’ve recently had an interest in a small, independent company based in the UK that creates audio dramas and adaptations of some horror classics. They are called Bafflegab Productions, and this is their site:


I must admit that I’ve been stymied by this website. Everything *appears* to be accessible enough, except for the key element: the ability to shop for and download their materials. I’ve tried both Firefox ESR and IE so far, and used both NVDA 18.3 and JAWS 18. I’ve hunted around the site, and the only clue I’ve found so far is a reference to bandcamp in the FAQ. Having noticed some recent frustrating issues with bandcamp and screen-readers, I know this could potentially be a problem, however I do not see how this could be preventing links to shop, log in or create an account, etc, from being visible to screen-readers.


I’ve already written the head man at the company about this and explained my difficulty, but I’m writing to the list to see if anyone else wants to have a go, and/or can point me to something I might be missing that might clue me in as to how one goes about acquiring anything from these fellows if not a mouse/screen user. I haven’t yet had a sighted person look at the website to see what they might make of it, but that’s also a next step. I’m hoping to get some kind of accessibility dialogue going with the company, so am trying to gather more info that might not immediately be apparent to me. Then again, it could be that I’m just missing something terribly obvious that someone else here could point out! So, what does anyone here make of it?



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