Re: How Do I Efficiently Navigate Websites Using Dynamic onMouseOver Menus with NVDA?

Jonathan COHN

Well, you can ask them to use menus that follow the advice in the W3C ARIA authoring practices. With the addition of a few keyboard handlers, aria-expanded and role=menu and role=menuitem it is possible to make these menus accessible not only for the blind but also for people who have mobility issues.

Often times, even though they claim to be mouse over, using the enter key with NVDA will still work, since NVDA will move the mouse to the mouse over location and then do a click action. Sometimes like this will open up a sub page that has the menu items activated, but also a page associated with the main area that was associated with the mouse over.

Also, it is possible to move the mouse and have NVDA read what is under the mouse. I believe that NVDA-numpad slash will route the mouse to where the NVDA focus is., which should then initiate the mouse over web action.

If you have specific sites in mind, that are causing you issues, I would be glad to look at them over the weekend.

Best Wishes,

Jonathan Cohn

´╗┐On 7/13/18, 10:39 AM, " on behalf of Kenny" < on behalf of> wrote:

Good day,

I frequent several websites that use this annoying dynamic onMouseOver
menu system to reach various sub sections of their site.

Meaning you have a bunch of properly tagged graphics or text placed
horizontally along the top of the page. Hover the mouse over one and a
menu of options would dynamically appear vertically beneath it. Then you
navigate the mouse cursor to one, and left click it. You'll then be
taken to the associated sub section.

Is there an efficient way of navigating such dynamic menus using NVDA
Version: alpha-15495,f2cc115c? I use Google Chrome and MS Edge as my web



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