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No, that’s not the case in Microsoft Edge, as Control+F6 does nothing.




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In Internet Explorer, f6 moves you through different parts of the window.  If you want to move from anywhere in the main window to the page display part of the window, control f6 moves you there if you issue the command once.  That may be the case in Edge as well.



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Subject: [nvda] Microsoft Edge is Starting to Grow on Me.


Good day,

Well with Joseph's announcement about the NVDA Try Build, I decided to
invest more time in using Microsoft's applications on my Windows 10 PC.

Started things off with the Microsoft Edge browser.

Not sure if it's the new Try-Build or a lot of changes have recently
been made to Edge overall, but it works pretty damn well with NVDA.

NVDA reads All of the push notification bar messages automatically. It
also informs me when the page has fully loaded (Loading complete.) Most
of the NVDA quick navigation key shortcuts do work to quickly jump
through web content.

Love... love... love... the Reading View ([Ctrl]+[Shift]+[r]) feature of
Edge. This alone is starting to make me a Chrome to Edge convert.

I hate to say it, but managing Favorites in Edge is much much easier to
do then with Chrome in my humble opinion. Microsoft uses a traditional
Treeview structure in their manager. Very nice!

The only problem I'm having is when I find myself sometimes being placed
in the toolbar icons pain of Edge. I quickly jump back to the web page
content by pressing [F6]. I just get annoyed with this at times.

Curious why they don't implement a shortcut key to display that entire
pain (Similar to [Ctrl]+[i] for Favorites, [Ctrl]+[h] for History, and
[Ctrl]+[j] for Downloads?) I could simply hit the [Escape] key to
hide/dismiss it again.

Reading Joseph's recent email regarding the Try-Build of NVDA being
released and us really caring about the changes Microsoft is
implementing all the time to make their line of Windows applications
more accessible got me thinking.

Why can't I give their programs a chance? Yes, in the past I've
experienced a lot of problems with their applications. That doesn't mean
they've not made efforts to correct things (Due to feedback from Insider
testers and bug reports.)

Time for me to start using the free tools Microsoft has developed and
stop searching for replacements. And I mean all of the tools (Even the
bug report and feedback submission tools.) This is key to helping
Microsoft fix things they may not yet be aware of.

By the way, if you want a nice resource listing Microsoft Edge keyboard


It really has morphed into a pretty good browser. I'm going to start
using it more.


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