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My responce to this and I say it for all users, the cracked version is better.

The code factory system is a problem both for vocaliser and eloquence, you need to deactivate it each time you install a feature update else you loose the licences, I have had game developers get really brassed off with that.

Well one at least.

Personally I have the onecore voices, and old dectalk which is old but still and the old sapi5 realspeak but to be honest, even though I'd like it till I can find something which is mine especially after I buy it I won't be spending any more cash on speech maybe if acapella ever gets a synth I can afford or ivona maybe but I don't know at this point.

On 7/14/2018 8:21 AM, Gene wrote:
That isn't a legal add on. Eloquence can be purchased legally. There is a SAPI5 version that can work with any program that supports SAPI5 speech and there is a legal add on that can be purchased. The add on, however, has very poor speech because the Eloquence speech has a lot of artifacts. The SAPI 5 version doesn't have these artifacts.

There are demos of both Eloquence speech programs available so you can try them.

But regarding your original question, the list doesn't offer support on illegal software as a matter of list policy.

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I'm new to all this. Somebody suggested to use eloquence addon for NVDA. It's available on this website called, Jeff's Repository. Is is safe to download from there?

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