Re: I think Avast is a virus :-)


The easiest way is to not install it in the first place.

I guess you will just have to reformat to get rid of it.

Its a pitty ccleaner has gone this way, I still use it because its generally good and all I need to use is its cleaning function and most of the checkboxes are checked by default but to be honest, if this is its reality I don't know.

On 7/14/2018 8:28 AM, Brian's Mail list account via Groups.Io wrote:
I'm having terrible trouble stopping this anti virus once installed and removed from making frequent attempts to reinstall itself. I have a suspicion that Ccleaner is responsible for apparent random downloads in the background without any input from a user. It then sits there and out of the blue  comes up as installing.

Does anyone know of a third party program that can spot this and actually stop it. maybe an entry in Microsofts windows 7 firewall or something.
Unfortunately, the machine in question is a device used by both sighted and blind, and its only when I get there and find this inaccessible over active impossible to remove bit of so called anti virus software that  I get very annoyed. I want to make it absolutely impossible to install it.
Any ideas?
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