Re: I think Avast is a virus :-)


Well to be honest, the last time it happened I was able to run system restore.

If you watch for the sneaky checkbox, you can catch it but you need to be super damn carefull when you run things.

To be honest, ccleaner is getting more and more malware like, if I could have something that would work even if I had to donate or pay a little for support maybe.

In the old days there used to be a program suite I used before it became evil crappy crapware by symontech.

It was called norton system works, it had a windows fixer, a reg cleaner, a disk cleaner, a disk defrag and disk diagnosis and a system info tool.

It did all I needed, it fixed issues before they became a problem, it was cpu intensive but it was accessible and in pure english.

That all changed in 2003 though.

There are still people that use it but its inaccessible crap now and is the first thing I get rid of.

Worst for users that run out of subscription they happily get virused, a cousin that got a virus got it so bad he had to reformat all his computers, and lost everything, it was revealed he had run out of virus subscription that week.

Its also why I won't go to subscription software, people do run out not intentionally but they do, its not fair to not be protected because they forgot, even if the software went back to a semi non functional state but thats the way it was.

On 7/14/2018 8:35 AM, Gene wrote:
Then why has no other CCleaner user reported the problem not just on this list, but on the other two active Windows users lists I'm on? It doesn't seem plausible.

How have you tried to remove Avast in the past? And if you really think its CCleaner, why not completely remove CCleaner and see what happens?

But rather than do that, doing what I suggest below may yield the wanted result without doing unnecessary and likely ineffective work.

I don't know how you might stop it. the question may well be too specific and essoteric for the list. Why not ask somewhere like Bleeping Computer where geeks hang out to help with technical questions that range from simple to obscure.

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I'm having terrible trouble stopping this anti virus once installed and
removed from making frequent attempts to reinstall itself. I have a
suspicion that Ccleaner is responsible for apparent random downloads in the
background without any input from a user. It then sits there and out of the
blue comes up as installing.

Does anyone know of a third party program that can spot this and actually
stop it. maybe an entry in Microsofts windows 7 firewall or something.
Unfortunately, the machine in question is a device used by both sighted and
blind, and its only when I get there and find this inaccessible over active
impossible to remove bit of so called anti virus software that I get very
annoyed. I want to make it absolutely impossible to install it.
Any ideas?
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