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Jonathan COHN

It is fairly straight forward for web developers to have multi-lingual pages, though in order for a screen reder to switch languages it is essential that the "lang" attribute be used to switch the languages. For Arabic and Hebrew languages that are written right to left, I believe one nees to set an attribute to tell the web browser that line orientation has changed also.

<span lang="en> will set the text within the span to be English.
In Microsoft Word one needs to adjust the language in the proofing area of the ribbon.

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I think there you are a bit stuffed as its the page and the way browsers
interpret it I suspect that is doing what you don't want it to.
I've noticed the opposite as well, some web pages supposedly en English
have bits that are in English but are using some other language to pronounce
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> But this is only for NVDA, where to find it? I want something that works
> for any screen reader preferably.
> Original message:
>> you can try to use dual voice
>> it is a nvda addon
>> but I have not check is to use those synthesizer
>> thank you for much
>> Logo Kuo from Taiwan
>> George Zaynoun 於 2018/7/13 下午 01:29 寫道:
>>> Hello!
>>> I have to read/write much in English, Swedish and Arabic. I have
>>> purchased the Code Factory Sapi5 Vocalizer tts but although I check
>>> detect language if there is say Arabic and English in the text when I
>>> make say all or read line by line it misses the Arabic and speaks the
>>> English words only, unless I read with ctrl+arrows only then I can
>>> listen to both languages. Is there a solution to this problem and if
>>> not is there an app that can mix synthesizers regardless of make and
>>> whether Sapi5 or not say like auto tts on the phone but for windows?
>>> Thanks.
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