Re: I think Avast is a virus :-)


I would be happy to buy ccleaner, but for the issue of accessibility, yes I can and do use it but thats about it.

I don't need to configure it much so I just use it..

I had a similar issue with an hp computer I got for family.

They always told you to make an account to get into their support system.

Their system was accessible enough, though some things could be better after signing in, it simply didn't work, when I logged out it was back again for what it was worth but even so.

I guess I should buy it but I only use the manual mode I don't want automatically monitering, I don't clean the registry, shread files, etc just clean junk files.

If there is something that just works I may go for that.

On 7/14/2018 9:35 AM, Chris via Groups.Io wrote:
I guess this is the free version that’s doing this

As far as I can see the only way to stop automatic downloads is to buy the ccleaner product

Otherwise it cant be turned off along with all the advertising it pops up now 😃

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Subject: [nvda] I think Avast is a virus :-)

I'm having terrible trouble stopping this anti virus once installed and
removed from making frequent attempts to reinstall itself. I have a
suspicion that Ccleaner is responsible for apparent random downloads in the
background without any input from a user. It then sits there and out of the
blue comes up as installing.

Does anyone know of a third party program that can spot this and actually
stop it. maybe an entry in Microsofts windows 7 firewall or something.
Unfortunately, the machine in question is a device used by both sighted and
blind, and its only when I get there and find this inaccessible over active
impossible to remove bit of so called anti virus software that I get very
annoyed. I want to make it absolutely impossible to install it.
Any ideas?
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