Re: Jeff's addon repository

John Isige

On 7/13/2018 19:31, Shaun Everiss wrote:
Well I really hope that code factory can improve their licencing
system, right now, if you don't deactivate the licences before your
next windows feature update you loose them, thats fine but there are
updates a lot of them, and sometimes especially with home systems they
get updated automatically.

I was going to legally buy, but I am not going that way, in fact I
need to rethink what speech synths I buy if any or if I stay with the
os ones only.

On 7/14/2018 9:00 AM, Gene wrote:
Many people are using the legal Eloquence with NVDA so I expect that
information will be forthcoming.

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From: Kenny Peyattt jr.
Sent: Friday, July 13, 2018 3:56 PM
Subject: Re: [nvda] Jeff's addon repository

I would not download it because it is alegal. I would try purchasing
the eti eloquence voices. I don’t know the site to get them from but
some one on this list might be able to poast a link for you to
purchase the voices.

Kenny Peyatt jr.

From: [] On Behalf Of
Sociohack AC
Sent: Friday, July 13, 2018 4:04 PM
Subject: [nvda] Jeff's addon repository

I'm new to all this. Somebody suggested to use eloquence addon for
NVDA. It's available on this website called, Jeff's Repository. Is
is  safe to download from there?

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